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Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing problem, both when it happens to you and when you seek treatment.

We can offer effective and private help for ED at two Saskatchewan locations, in Regina and Saskatoon.

The Saskatchewan Sexual Health Clinic for Men is dedicated to providing our patients with the latest treatments for erectile dysfunction available in Canada.

Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of men’s sexual health care while treating our patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We offer rapid access to effective treatments for erectile dysfunction and other men’s sexual health concerns.

We take a comprehensive approach to treat the root cause as well. Sometime this can be a health related matter and our doctor will treat it accordingly.

Studies have shown that pills only work in 2 out of 3 cases and often pose subsequent medical issues. We take a natural approach to spare health related concerns.

In many cases the causes of erectile dysfunction are organic and treatable. This is why at Saskatchewan Sexual Health Clinic we have a good success rate treating erectile dysfunction for Saskatchewan men.

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We do our best to offer the most suitable treatment to each patient. Our treatment process is focused on this goal, starting with a confidential initial visit.

Multiple treatment methods are offered, including :

Consultation and treatment are available fast, and painlessly. No pills, no surgery, and minimal downtime.

Patients are not limited to receiving a single option for ED treatment, and results are often better with several therapies.

Enhance and restore natural performance today and regain confidence by contacting the Saskatchewan Sexual Health Clinic. Book a consultation at your convenient location to learn more.

Dr. Mulla and the Saskatchewan Sexual Health Clinic for Men

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Saskatchewan sexual health clinic offers quick and discreet Erectile Dysfunction and men’s healthcare treatments that really work! Our treatments include painless acoustic soundwave therapy to help men restore their natural sexual function and show up like once before.

Our doctors are committed to delivering safe, discreet, and effective men’s health solutions to patients at clinics located Saskatoon and Regina.

Contact the Saskatchewan Sexual Health Clinic to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about which treatment option may be right for you.

Dr. Amith Mulla

Your first appointment will be to meet with Dr. Mulla for a personal assessment, conducted in a private meeting at our clinic.

You can book your initial visit with Dr. Mulla with or without a referral.

Dr. Mulla offers multiple ED treatment options ranging from shockwave therapy, penile injections, Trimix treatment and counselling with a certified sex therapist.

Patients are not limited to receiving a single option for ED treatment, and results are often better with several therapies.

Please get in touch now to schedule your initial visit. 

We can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Treatment Methods Are Used At Saskatchewan sexual Health Clinic?

As a dedicated ED clinic we employ multiple therapies and seek to apply the most appropriate methods for each patient. Shockwave Therapy is a common treatment that we use with success for many patients. We also offer injection therapies, and others.

How Long Does It Take For Shockwave Therapy For ED To Work?

Most men who get shockwave therapy for ED will see benefits within one to three months. Many men have initial results in the first weeks

Can I Have Sex During The Treatment Period?

Yes. It is encouraged in order to gauge the subjective effectiveness of treatment. This is a non-invasive procedure with no down time. You will experience little to no discomfort throughout the course of your treatment plan.

Will I Get A Shock?

No, not at all. It’s more like a sound wave than an electric sound wave. Men feel a light vibration during the procedure. The only after effect may be a temporary tingling due to increased blood flow.

Is ED Shockwave Treatment Safe?

Yes. This procedure appropriates technology that is well proven in other fields of medicine, including cardiology. It’s painless, requires no post treatment recovery period and has no known side effects or complications.

How Long Will The Results Last?

Studies have shown that the majority of men that experience positive results will still have a beneficial effect beyond a year. Men can receive additional treatments any time they’re needed.

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